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About Patti Christensen
I am a professional storyteller with a rich, diverse background. I work in many different venues. I believe in the power of storytelling for all ages - preschoolers through Seniors - both in listening and telling stories. I have been involved with a pilot project using storytelling to teach children about the healthy expression of anger. I have been a teaching artist and drama specialist for the Literacy Services at the Escondido Public Library. I have also worked as an artist in residence with the SUAVE Program and Center ARTES through California State University at San Marcos, a cultural and professional development program using the arts to work with classroom teachers and students. I have also taught in the All the Arts for All the Kids Program in Fullerton, CA. I was a Fullbright Scholar in Veracruz, Mexico and taught English through the arts in China.
I developed my storytelling and dramatic art skills beginning as a drama student in high school and have been involved in many theatre productions throughout the years. My BA in History taught me the magic of making history come alive which I continue in my storytelling, including my living history characterization of Louisa May Alcott, as well as my True Tales of California program. My drama work continues in my performances with The Patchwork Players Story Theatre.

My Masters of Theology and Masters of Social Work degrees make me uniquely qualified for work in different settings using story to speak to important spiritual and value issues.

My work in social service agencies has given me opportunity to use theatre arts as a powerful modality for teaching, healing and self-expression. I worked in a school violence prevention project which used drama, storytelling and video making in a school setting. I was a counselor in a domestic violence program. I have also worked in child abuse prevention, AIDS, family counseling, mentoring and sexual assault. I am a storyteller who is also a social worker. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of California who counsels children, adults, groups and families through a family counseling agency.

I am also on staff as a storyteller through the Healing Arts Department at Radys Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  This program brings professional storytellers, musicians, and visual artists to the hospital on a weekly basis to assist the healing for the children and families at the hospital.

I am an active teacher and workshop leader, including teaching storytelling and drama skills for teachers, students, parents and grandparents, ministers, literacy staff and volunteers, as well as to other storytellers.

I live in Oceanside, California (in North San Diego County), a very happy transplant from Minnesota. My storytelling takes me throughout the Southern California Region, and beyond - including Mexico, Canada, and China ... wherever the muse leads me.

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
- Maya Angelou

I am a storyteller. The type that went from place to place, gathered people in the square and transported them, inspired them, woke them up, shook their insides around so that they could resettle in a new pattern, a new way of being. It is a tradition that believes that the story speaks to the soul, not the ego . . . to the heart, not the head. In today's world, we yearn so to "understand," to conquer with our mind, but it is not in the mind that a mythic story dwells.
- Donna Jacobs Sife


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