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Artist in Residence

In July 2010, Patti traveled with 20 other Americans to Shenzhen, China to teach English through the arts to Chinese Elementary and Middle School students.  In an innovative "America Scene" summer camp setting, students sang, danced, created visual arts and were in dramatic productions.  Patti told stories and helped to coordinate highly creative students performances.  Students, as well as Chinese teachers, raved about the experience of working with Patti and other American teachers and artists.

She was thrilled with the chance to tell many of her favorite folktales and literary tales from America. Students loved the chance to hear and see Patti bring stories to life.

Patti shared her new book How Baby Coyote Leanred to Howl with Chinese students. They loved the book and many were inspired to write their own books.

"I love Ms. Patti.  I like you story, it's very well.  You class is very fun, very well, very good.  I'm very liking it."
Jenny, grade 3
Yucai school number 4
Shekou, China


Patti enjoys working with teachers and students of all age levels, from preschool through college.

Patt is an experienced teaching artist, drama, and literacy specialist, working in the schools to bring literature to life. She was an educator for the Literacy Services of the Escondido Public Library where she worked with children and families in improving their literacy skills at school and at home. (Click here for further information about Storytelling and Literacy.)

In the summer of 2004, Patti led a collaborative program, called Literature Alive, between the Escondido Public Library and Grant Middle School in Escondido. 60 students participated in reading, writing, istening, telling, and acting out Latin American Folktales in this innovative program.


Patti worked with elementary school children in All the Arts for All the Kids in Fullerton, CA. She also has worked as an artist in residence and arts coach for the SUAVE program (Socios Unidos para Arte Via Educacion-United Communites for Arts in Education), a program of Center ARTES, California State University San Marcos and partner school districts. SUAVE is a cultural and professional development program for classroom teachers under the guidance of professional, resident artists, such as Patti, where they use the arts to assist in teaching core curriculum subjects.

Using her expertise in the art of storytelling, Patti works with teachers in their classrooms to explore a multitude of ways to enhance students learning. Together, they develop lessons plans using various arts disciplines, especially storytelling and drama, and then partner to present the enhanced lessons in the newly-engaged classroom. The teachers can then use this new approach in other classes and to teach many different subjects. Patti's work helps teach the Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Standards as well as covers standards from Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Patti is the co-author of Drama and the Culture of California, a series of lessons developed in the Escondido Union School District.

Patti also works with teachers throughout Southern California, performing at their schools and classrooms, teaching them storytelling skills and how to integrate storytelling as a way to effectively teach the core curriculum.


Patti is a powerful, energetic, and captivating performer who can engage audiences from kindergarten through college and beyond. Her ability to connect with her audience is wonderfully entertaining and educational. I have her visit my classes at Cal State as often as I can book her.
Merryl Goldberg, Professor of Visual and Performing Arts, Cal State San Marcos

Quite a few of my students are fragile, "at risk," limited English, gifted, and full of energy (hyper) so I tend to be very selective as to whom I invite to my classroom. I knew after the first hour that the children in my class were safe with Patti. They connected with her and were inspired by her stories. Patti has a way of seeing where her audience is at, rising to the occasion, and valuing the feedback and interaction that children offer. If I were queen of the world, she would be in my classroom every day.
Ildiko Demeter, 3rd grade teacher, Escondido, CA

Wonderful! I noticed 2 of my terribly shy students smiling quietly participating behind their hands. Students were highly engaged. All answers were accepted and sincerely appreciated. Our story sessions and discussions carried over to other stories as well. Patti was exceptionally engaging. My students eagerly looked forward to her lessons.
Martie Goodbody, 4th grade teacher, Escondido CA

You make our class a better place.
Saira, 3rd grade student

You are the best teacher that tells stories. You make the stories come out of the books. It seemed so real when you told them.
Eunice, 5th grade student


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