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Stories of Spirit

With her Masters Degree in Theology, Patti brings much training and experience to using her storytelling in spiritual settings. Whether in a church, temple or other traditional religious setting, or in retreats, ritual groups, or other non-traditional gatherings, Patti brings her gentle spirit and wealth of stories to share.

Combining her storytelling, poetry, preaching and ritual-crafting ability, Patti has participated in weddings, child blessings, religious services, and celebrations.

She especially enjoys working with children, religious education teachers and groups of women. Her stories are well suited to celebrating spiritual holidays throughout the year.

Patti has studied many different traditions, and enjoys bringing tales old and new to life for her audiences. She shines new light on Bible stories in her highly participative tellings. Patti believes that there is deep healing power in stories.

Patti brings just the right blend of humor and deep soul wisdom to her storytelling.  She told a story at my ordination festivities that became one of the highlights of the weekend.  I had traveled a long and arduous path to ordination, and Patti’s message, “All Is As It Should Be” was perfect.  Thank you Patti!
The Rev. Ann Romanczuk
Roseville, Minnesota

I loved Patti’s energy.  Thoughtfully planned, executed and safe and honoring to all.  I was feeling a lot of resistance to being here this morning, because time is so valuable right now.  I am glad I came.  Thank you.
Sacred Storytelling Workshop Participant


I am an enthusiastic supporter of Patti Christensen and her storytelling workshops. She recently presented an excellent workshop for ministers and practitioners at our church and she was a big, big hit. There were people from five different churches represented and every one of them was carried away by the information and techniques that Patti presented.

I personally learned a great deal and plan to incorporate her ideas into my presentations. We are planning to have her back in the spring to do a storytelling workshop for the whole congregation.

Patti is a brilliant storyteller and was beautifully prepared with a great deal of fascinating materials and a gentle teaching manner. We all loved her and loved her material. 

In addition to all those rave reviews, Patti was a delight to work with. If I can offer further information, please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Jane Claypool
Carlsbad Center for Spiritual Living
Carlsbad CA

Stories show a path, shine a light on our way, teach us how to see, remind us of the greatest of human possibilities.
- Christina Feldman & Jack Kornfield


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Patti also performs stories of spirit with her storytelling partner James Nelson-Lucas as The Patchwork Players.
Check out that page, too!
Contact Patti at
(760) 732-0117