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Storytelling Workshops
Patti also teaches and conducts workshops throughout the region. She offers a variety of storytelling workshops for all ages and levels of experience. She teaches at schools, confrences, and in-service trainings. Workshops include:

Storytelling as a Tool for Literacy
This workshop focuses on using storytelling and story listening as tools for assisting children and adults in improving literacy skills.  Especially good for English Language learners.

Healing Stories and Storytelling in Psychotherapy
Practical techniques and resources for integrating storytelling and story listening into therapy with adults and children.  Seasoned therapist Patti shares her experiences as well as cutting edge theories about stories in a healing setting.

Bring Art to Life: Creating Stories from Visual Art
Professional storytellers share easy to use techniques that children or adults can use to create stories from art.  Learn to look at art in a new way and to respond to it in ways that create stories.  Developed during their work with several major museums.

Sacred Storytelling
This workshop explores what makes a story sacred, where to find sacred and wisdom stories, techniques for telling stories in a spiritual setting, why storytelling touches people in a deeply spiritual way.  Participants listen and tell sacred stories and learn how to find the stories in their lives as well as adapt familiar stories in new, meaning ways.

How to Read so Kids Will Listen
Learn practical and fun techniques that anyone can use to make reading to kids more fun.  Great for parents, grandparents, teachers, library staff, any one who reads aloud with children either one-on-one or in a group.

The Art of Storytelling
A beginning workshop that focuses on the nuts and bolts of storytelling. Appropriate for Elementary aged children through adults. Learn how to learn stories, where to find them, how to polish a story, and how to begin telling your stories in public.

Let's Act It Out: Creative Drama Brings Story To Life
One effective form of storytelling is using creative drama to act out the story. This workshop shows easy ways to dramatize stories wonderfully using volunteers from the audience, with the storyteller acting as narrator. Includes sample lessons a bibliography, tips and what not to do.

Those Were the Days: Storytelling for Seniors
An interactive workshop for story listening and storytelling for Seniors. Patti presents this dynamic workshop aimed at bringing out the storyteller in everyone. Learn easy techniques for learning new stories, remembering old ones, and sharing some the fascinating happenings out of your own past. You'll know what to do when your grandchildren say Tell me a story!

Adding Participation for Fun and Control
This workshop teaches ways of getting the audience involved through a fun series of songs, actions, creative drama techniques that can be used with any audience from toddlers through adults. Learn how to make any story more powerful through participation.

Storytelling in the Classroom
This workshop focuses on storytelling in a school setting. You will gain practical ideas about how to make your classroom a storytelling space, how to learn and tell stories integrating your regular curriculum, where to find stories, and how to coach children to be storytellers themselves.


Patti can also create a custom workshop to meet your group's needs

Thank you for much for sharing your rich, soulful, therapeutic stories-what a great way to end the class! We have to do this more often. The students raved about your presentation, it is like a paradigm shift in therapy!
Lily Cosico-Berge, PsyD, ART, RPT
Play Therapy Certificate Program Faculty UCSD-Extention

I learned we are never too old to enjoy hearing a story, and especially enjoyed the part about putting a new
up-to-date spin on fairy tales, such as the little Red Riding Hood story! We had a great workshop with you!
Ann Guenther, Senior and clown

I loved your session. I gained so much I need to use in the classroom. Thank you!
Workshop participant


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Patti also performs and co-leads workshops with her storytelling partner James Nelson-Lucas as The Patchwork Players
Check out that page, too!
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(760) 732-0117