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The Patchwork Players
Story Theatre

Patti Christensen and James Nelson-Lucas - THE PATCHWORK PLAYERS - create magical programs, historic or contemporary, for all ages. Join in the enthusiasm of rollicking fun stories and songs, and the drama of true-life adventure. They bring a rich background of theatrical, improvisational, and storytelling skills to entertain and involve children and adults.

Stories of History, Ghosts, Magic and Adventure


° True Tales of California
° Tales of Trolls
° Renaissance Faires
° World Folk & Fairytales
° Ghost Stories
° Pirate Tales of the High Seas
° Not Too Scary Stories
° Holiday Programs & Special Events
° Around the World and Home Again: Multicultural Tales
° Ocean Stories
° You Be the Detective
° Don't Bug Me: Brothers, Sisters, and other Annoying Creatures

As always, Patti and James always give a great performance and as  always, audiences leave their show thoroughly entertained.  We love James and Patti!!
Damitri Boone
Taft Branch Library, Orange CA

A thank you so much Patti and James for a wonderful day!  We will never forget it.  Just watching the children's faces at the assemblies made me realize that's what it's all about.
Terry Yeakel
Librarian at Lytle Creek School, San Bernardino, California

I want to thank the both of you for adding so much to the overall success of this year's Fall Fest. You both are very talented and truly fun and entertaining. I believe that our folklore is an important part of our cultural identity and have great respect for the power of storytelling. I hope that you take part in more events in the future. Tusen takk.
Debbie Margerison
The Sons of Norway Lodge


What a delight it was to watch the two of you work your magic as you amused your audience with such excitement and enthusiams on stage! Your animation during the wonderful stories you both acted out were both fun and hilarious to watch. I really enjoyed your talent and laughed endlessly in my seat. Hope to catch another brilliant performance soon.
Magi Pledger
Event Coordinator, Tri-City Medical Center


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